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Never a dull moment in this one! Suno Chanda 2 keeps us entertained for a full one hour and we look forward to hearing and seeing what happens next.

Suno Chanda 2 Ep 5: Nagina Has Arrived!

The good thing about this drama is that it does not solely focus on the protagonists, instead all characters are given sufficient screen space and substance. This is actually good considering 90% of the time Arsal and Jiya are fighting. We do need something other than that and that is where the rest of the cast comes in.

Shahana, Nagina Chachi, Ali Safina and Massoma from Suno Chanda 2

In fact it feels like they are more involved in the plot than Arsal and Jiya, who’s fights are getting repetitive,monotonous and in fact childish. Nagina is another colorful addition to the cast and she is keeping us entertained with her broken English and hideous eye wear. Fareeha Jabeen is very natural in this avatar.

What stands out in the drama is the variety and diversity that is brought in form of various characters. Jalal is from Peshawar, Jogi from Punjab while Jiya’s family is from Karachi. There is a whole mix of ethnicity under one roof . Shahana’s Punjabi accent is just cherry on top and Nadia Afghan is doing it effortlessly!

The highlight of the episode was when Billo wins over Nagina’s heart. Her words were very beautiful and for the first time during this season did we really notice Billo in the drama as a serious character.


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This episode on the whole was slow in terms of story as not much happened and they have yet to reach the much talked about Walima. Arsal and Jiya need to be given more than the constant bickering , as both the actors have a lot to offer. Pari is giving off dangerous vibes and we look forward to the moment when the truth comes out.

While a lot has already happened during the course of 6 episodes, we look forward to seeing what is to come next in the narrative.


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