Suno Chanda 2

What we particularly love about Suno Chanda 2 is the variety that every episode brings. With every episode there is something new happening in the episode.

Suno Chanda 2 Ep3:The Chaos Continues

This episode was full of colors, shoots were fired, Arsal was about to be arrested and eventually Arsal and Jiya get stuck at a restaurant as he forgets his wallet at home. The episode ended with us wondering if these two will be able to make it to their own Walima. Also will Mithu get lost in the city without his cell phone and no mind of his own?

Iqra Aziz in Suno Chanda 2

Mithu has become one of our favorite characters in the drama. His innocence is adorable and funny at the same time. He does get easily influenced by others and is extremely dependent on his mother for everything. His indecisiveness is a bit too unreal but not annoying.


The good thing about the narrative is how it manages to involve all the cast member in whatever is happening throughout the episode. It is truly commendable as there are a lot of characters in the drama and one can easily create a messy story when trying got use them all.

However in Suno Chanda the balance has been maintained. All characters have been given reasonable screen time to make their presence and importance felt which is crucial for any drama.

All the actors have done an excellent job and they fit their characters like a glove. They manage to keep the audience involved in what they have to say. Arsal and Jiya’s chemistry is very cute as well.

The scenes are well timed and one doesn’t get bored during them. The background score is music to our ears and gels in with the mood of the scene.

The kite flying scene when the whole family manages to pacify the police and tell them off tactfully was the highlight of the entire episode. It was some intelligent script writing right there!

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On the whole another enjoyable episode that ended with us wishing Arsal and Jiya make it in time before someone notices they are gone. And lets hope Mithu manages to get home safe as well.

Who do you think will come to the duo’s rescue?

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