Last night’s episode was longer than usual and there wasn’t a single dull moment throughout. The house remained eventful, and we couldn’t have expected anything less from it. While Jalal is back from the hospital, Arsal landed himself into one and his admittance is not even fake. Arsal and Jiya are no where near reconciling, however Arsal wants to work it out. He is trying in his twisted way to make Jiya admit defeat.

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suno chanda 2
suno chanda 2

Meena and Mithu’s case in pending in Da Jee’s court, and Mithu even ends up getting beaten by Meena’s mother which was truly hilarious. The shuttlecock burqas are really causing confusion for the entire family. Mithu being the latest to be affected by it. Shahana’s version of niqab was also very hilarious and that particular scene was very funny.

Arsal’s electrocution puts the entire family in a lot of tension but thankfully he survived. Shahana has maintained a good mother in law image throughout the season, however towards the end of the season her sentiments temporarily changed and rightfully so. Her words for Jiya in this episode were harsh. However towards the end of the episode she did switch back which was heartening.

Arsal gets caught in his fake affair charade. Jiya cashes in on the opportunity to get Shahana on her side. The entire sequence is extremely hilarious. Arsal finally gets a taste of his own medicine.

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Huma continues to prove herself as a good friend who always gives Jiya the right advice. Jalal continued to freak out over Da Jee and was holed up in his room the entire time. Adnan Shah really makes Jalal such a fun character of the show. His body language and expressions are worth watching.

Besides him Shahana also stood out in this episode. The way she very bluntly blurts out whatever is on her mind is what makes her character lovable. Her digs and teases are a delight. Whatever comes out of her mouth is not only true but also fun to hear. Nadia Afghan has performed Shahana so effortlessly and naturally. She has been one of the best characters of the entire season and her presence has been thoroughly enjoyed.

Arsal and Jiya’s tension is very clear and their egos are not allowing them to admit the truth. With the last episode coming up tonight, all that is left is for these two work out their differences. Da Jee seems to be partially convinced for Meena’s marriage to Mithu. So we can see how that story will end.

The episode maintained a good flow throughout. The story continues to be hilarious with some excellent performances by all actors. The credit goes to the writer and director for carrying out the narrative in a way that it remained crisp and relevant. As this season nears it end we are surely sad to see it go.

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