suno chanda 2 arsal and jiya

Last night’s episode was yet another hilarious one, with some solid performances. Now that the wedding is over it was expected that the London issue will be brought back in the limelight and so it did.

Of course they had to put a comical spin on things also escalate the issue which is why Arsal’s visa didn’t come through but Jiya’s did. She is insistent on going,and suggesting that Arsal applies again.

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This starts conflict and the usual fights however this time it is more serious. Mithu continues to attempt to impress Meena and in doing so ends up blasting the microwave. Mithu and Meena have formed a bond for sure however it is not very romantic at the moment. Joji and Jalal also end up in a fight over Jalal’s indecent message. It would have been great if they had actually shown the fight instead of shadows even so it was satisfying as Jalal had it coming.

The highlight of the episode was surely everyone’s reaction when they find out about Arsal’s visa. Naima and Pari’s reaction was the best. The performances remain flawless. Meena has been a wonderful addition to the cast as she brings energy to the show.

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We do hope that the drama introduces some more issues besides London to keep the narrative diverse or else it will start to feel repetitive. The flow of comedy is well maintained. The drama’s story is moving at a slow pace, even so the drama remains entertaining.


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