suno chanda 2 arsal and jiya

Something or the other keeps happening in the house. Last night’s episode was very eventful as well.

Looks like Meena is here to stay. Post Jalal’s suicide attempt fiasco, Meena decides to leave. Mithu has been advised to pursue her after Huma blatantly rejected him. He seeks Arsal’s help in ensuring Meena doesn’t leave.

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Mithu and Meena

On the other hand, Mithu created a huge problem for Arsal and Jiya as he has lost their documents in a rickshaw. Jiya unleashes her wrath on Arsal only to end up getting the documents back. Arsal gets back at Jiya by making her jealous by spending time with Meena.

But they manage to make up as always. Their on screen chemistry is on point and adorable. It is good that Arsal and Jiya’s fight ratio has decreased as that was getting a bit annoying. DJ’s sneaky ways makes him so much fun to watch as well.

Arsal and Jiya

Some of the things in the story are very predictable however it is fun in anticipating what is going to happen and seeing it actually happen.

With Meena’s addition to the cast, focus has been on her and she is quite a character. Her innocence , fierceness and poor Urdu is a rare combination. In this episode she was the best performer without doubt.

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While nothing major happened in terms of narrative, yet the overall vibe of the episode as always was hilarious and happening. The background score really amps up the whole scene as well.


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