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Suno Chanda 2 is just three episodes in and the drama’s story has become a complete roller coaster ride.

Suno Chanda Ep2: An Unwanted Guest Has Arrived

All the characters have problems of their own and each add in their own touch and mischief to the drama. The most sober characters of the drama have to be Kinza and Sherry, other than these two every character is somewhat an item.

Kinza and Sherry from Suno Chanda 2

This episode was also spread out among all the members of the family. Arsal and Jiya’s Walima has gotten into jeopardy due to Pari’s arrival and Bi Jan’s insistence to leave the house . On the other hand Arsal invited his old friend Yasir on which the two start a fight.

With every episode, these two end up fighting on some new issue and make up soon. DJ has found a new pawn in form of Meetho, and he makes sure that he makes a fool out of him which is totally hilarious.

Arsal, Jiya, Meetho and Jalal from Suno Chanda 2

There is a lot of hustle bustle in the house, keeping the episode super crisp. The pacing of the drama continues to be good with something new happening in every episode. While every member is actively involved in every episode their inclusion is well balanced and not at all clustered.

Suno Chanda 2’s First Look Has Us Excited!

The sets and atmosphere around the house is beautiful however considering a wedding just happened we don’t see any indication of that what so ever. While in the first episode there were flowers in the couple’s bedroom, we haven’t seen anything else to maintain the auro of a wedding in the house. There are no preparation going on either, nothing to give wedding vibes.

Having said that, the level of comedy has been maintained, it hasn’t been exaggerated and is in no way cheap. This is the kind of entertainment that many fail to deliver but once again Suno Chanda has managed to come through.

At the end of every episode we are left eager to see what will come next!


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