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Last night’s episode was yet another entertainer and introduced yet another new fun character to the show!

While we await Jiya and Arsal’s Walima to happen already, the drama does not fail to keep us engaged. Nagina, ( Jogi’s mother) has finally arrived and she is quite something! From her dressing to her way of speaking her is walking circus and is absolutely hilarious.

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Nagina and Kinza

Unlike Pari, her arrival has been better received and looks like Agha Ji is smitten by her, we are not sure why though. Every actor has done their roles exceptionally well. They have not held back in exploring the extent to which their character traits can be better highlighted through their performances. They come off as extremely natural and make us love them even more.

The variety that is being provided through them is what makes this drama worth watching. Having said that, Arsal and Jiya’s London conflict keeps coming up and is causing a rift between the two. It would be nice add some variation in this conflict as right now it seem pretty repetitive.

Arsal and Jiya

Over all the episode was enjoyable and the scene in which Pari beats Joji at night thinking he is a thieve was the highlight of the episode. With the new addition to the gang we look forward to seeing what more can go wrong in the house.

The good thing about the drama is how conflicts are timely resolved in an episode or two instead of dragging them. Kudos to the director for ensuring the episode is kept crisp and interesting!

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The drama’s essence is light, so not much intense or monumental happens which is quite alright as long as what is happening is entertaining. Suno Chanda 2 continues to be a serial that one can watch and unwind after a long day.


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