Last night’s episode was fun filled. The drama has managed to dial down the intensity. In fact now there is a new twist in the story and we are all for it. The tone of the drama is back to light and fun. Arsal is back to his small gimmicks which is much better. He is determined to get Jiya back and Yasir’s suggestion to make Jiya jealous is working.

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On the other hand Jalal continues to to the ultimate entertainer. His freak out after finding out about his father’s arrival was hilarious and his solution to save himself is equally funny. He took a page from Jamsheed’s book of tricks. Adnan Shah has given soul to the character and we have thoroughly enjoyed his performance throughout the drama this season. The way he blends in Urdu and Pashto in a sentence so naturally, it is a treat.

Da Jee has arrived along with Meena’s mother. He has arrived with a bang and shaken the entire house. We now know where Jalal gets his flirtatious attitude from, and Agha Jan doesn’t like it one bit. Da Jee is adding a fun flavor to the drama. Shahana is having a ball with the new arrivals and her jibes are just too hilarious.

In this episode Jalal and Arsal stood out as the major contributors.First Arsal cashed in with his fake injuries to grab attention and now he is faking an affair. Though his scenes were limited in the episode the change in pace and attitude of Arsal toward the entire issue was good. Farhan Saeed addition of Punjabi accent is fun and his portrayal of a frustrated yet someone in love is on par.

It is so sweet to see the entire house supporting Jalal is his fake heart attack. We did miss DJ in this episode. The best scene of the entire episode was without doubt the hospital scene, when Jalal freaks out and faints because of Da Jee.

This drama’s comical content and hilarious characters make it refreshing . Special mention to the writer Saima Akram for coming up with another entertaining season and making us laugh throughout Ramazan.

In recent episodes we are particularly loving Jalal, DJ and Shahana. Mithu and Meena have become an adorable couple as well. It is great to catch up with all these characters everyday. The drama is nearing its end and we look forward to see how it ends!

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