Last night episode began with a bang. Masooma’s call to Peshawar has Jalal in fits. He is freaking out over the reaction, things get worse as they find out that Da Jee is coming to Karachi.

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Jalal’s reaction to all this is extremely hilarious and he continues make arrangements for a fake heart attack. Adnan Shah’s portrayal of Jalal has kept us entertained this season. Every scene of Jalal in this episode was so enjoyable. Meena remains adorable with her innocence and excessive use of Pashto.

Jiya went too far due to which Arsal lands in jail. His jail scenes are fun as well. What is even worse is the fact that Jiya chickens out and doesn’t tell anyone at home about until night. Arsal takes full advantage of the situation and fakes injuries that he endured. His act is absolutely hilarious. Surprisingly this episode did not turn their scenes into serious intense scenes and kept the tone light.

This episode was very well paced and eventful. Every minute of the episode was lively.The best scene of the episode was when Meena informs Jalal about Da Jee’s arrival. Their reaction and the entire sequence was so funny.

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While nothing was resolved in this episode even then the episode was full of entertaining scenes that maintained the comical vibe. What is exciting is to see whether Da Jee will make an entrance of he will remain a name feared by Jalal and family. With just a few episodes left we look forward to seeing how this season ends.


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