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As anticipated, Pari has managed to seal the deal with Jalal. Her wit and scheming makes her one of a kind character of the drama. Jalal being his usual self cannot stop flirting with her in hopes of something he will never get. Though repetitive, his advances are hilarious and fun to watch.

Clash Between The Top Writers Of Recent Times

DJ may have gotten his phone back, but he has not learned his lesson. He is back to his old ways. He is also celebrating the most recent video he has made. DJ adds the cute element to the show and we thoroughly enjoy his mischief.

While Meena and Mithu are becoming the ideal couple that no one really thought they would, our favorites Arsal and Jiya are becoming aloof by every episode.

It is rather sad that we saw them fighting most of the time during this season. Change in pattern would have been nice. They do share a good chemistry that we caught a glimpse of this season. However our happiness was short lived. Their fights have become more serious and intense and we hope they manage to make up in an episode or two, so that we can see some happy episodes towards the end.

This episode actually escalated the matter further and has landed Arsal in jail. While all this time Arsal has been mean to Jiya, she crossed the line this time. This may be considered the final straw by Arsal and things can get worse.

Suno Chanda 2 Ep 25 : Arsal & Jiya Get An Ultimatum

Pari and Jalal’s scene was absolutely hilarious, and Shahana has the best dialogues amongst all the characters. Nadia Afghan has played the part so naturally and consistently that we believe that is how she is in real life too.

We hope to see Sherry and Kinza back as well. Their presence has been very scarce in this season and we wish they had more part to play. With only four episodes left in Suno Chanda 2, lets see what is in store for all these characters.


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