Another fun filled episode last night and one that bore fruit as well. After an escalated conflict between the protagonists, all the adults have stepped in finally. Jiya and Arsal’s conflict had reached its limit and Agha Jan had to step in. Before they call it quits he gives them an ultimatum. It is good that we will finally see the issue moving towards getting resolved. The entire family has boycotted Arsal and they are giving her the cold shoulder.

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Other than the serious bits of the episodes, there were some funny moments that maintained the balance of the episode. DJ keeps approaching various members of the family to get his phone back. And finally Bee Jan came through. The scene between Bee Jaan and DJ, was the best of the entire episode. DJ is an absolutely adorable and witty character and his performance is epic.

Pari is back on scheming to get Jalal to agree for Meena. Jalal has gotten what he wanted as Masooma gets her share. Shahana continues to shine. Her avatar is truly one of a kind and it is hilarious how she is willing to beat her grown married son in order to bring him to his senses.

Meena and Mithu are also very cute together and it is amazing how their relationship has turned out. Considering how endearing Mithu is we had not expected him to pull this off.

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There have been some surprises and some interesting addition to the cast. The old characters retained have maintained the same level of performance like the previous season. The acting, comedy and execution of the drama has worked very well in case of Suno Chanda 2. It has easily become one of those dramas that one looks forward to every day for an hour of entertainment.


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