There is a new twist in the story of course, Mithu and Meena’s love story has hit a snag. Turns out Meena is already engaged to someone else. Pari is now racking her brain to figure out some new scheme. Shahana gives them a harsh scolding regarding his behavior with Jiya even then he didn’t change his way.

Bee Jan has lost her bangles and she is certain that Nagina stole them.DJ is also looking for bait and he finally finds one. He wants them to pose as his parents as he has got really bad result. However they get caught and that scene is absolutely hilarious. DJ ‘s performance in the drama is absolutely exceptional.

Arsal has developed into the absolute worst husband. His harsh behavior infuriates Shahana and ends up kicking him out of the house. Matters have gotten intense even now Arsal is not realizing his fault.

Among are the issues going on Arsal and Jiya’s conflict has gotten the most complicated and Arsal’s stubbornness is hindering matters from being resolved. Jiya has been nothing but compromising but Arsal isn’t reciprocating.

Over all the episode was very happening and there were a lot of fun scenes throughout the episode. When DJ and gang get caught that scene was really especially towards the end of the scene when they are going through DJ’s phone was very funny. DJ and Jiya’s scene was very sweet as well.

Shahana has turned out to be a very strong character who is not only assertive but also knows how to show people their place even if its her own son. Her dialogue and jibe are extremely on point.

We have thoroughly enjoyed Suno Chanda 2, however some matters have escalated in the drama which should have been resolved by now. Considering the drama is essentially a comedy some episodes caught on a very serious tone. With only a few episodes left we look forward to seeing how matters get resolved.


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