Last night’s episode further developed Meena and Mithu’s bond. We hear wedding bells in near future! Arsal and Jiya’s conflict is like a loop as it keeps repeating. Arsal is trying his cheap tactics to make Jiya jealous. In this episode she has finally addressed it which is good.

The episode majorly focused on the new love birds as they sneak around avoiding Jalal. It seems that focus has shifted from Arsal and Jiya to this new couple. The drama is giving them full screen space and developing their chemistry and story sweetly. Jalal is sticking his nose in the office accounts and Arsal has have it.

Huma’s also played an important part in this episode as she proved to be a friend everyone needs. She gives Jiya good advice and is always there for her.

Best scene of the entire episode was when Arsal gets back home after dropping Meena as Jiya calls a family meeting. It is about time that the truth is revealed as Jiya has been trying so hard and Arsal is being a jerk. They will find out who has been eating the lunch that Jiya made for Arsal.

The timing of every scene, the way every character is involved and the amount of screen space allotted to them is something commendable on the part of the director. None of the scene seem forced or dragged and the episodes flows naturally.

Having said that some matters have escalated long enough and need to be resolved. We are nearing the end and what I am particularly interested to see is if there is some surprise in store for us.


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