Last night’s episode was majorly focused on building up Meena and Mithu’s relationship. Arsal and Jiya are not fighting but they aren’t at good terms either. There is a cold war going on between the two. The thoughts the two have about each other are so fun to hear. However it seems now that Arsal is being unfair to Jiya with his cheap tactics to annoy her, as she is really trying.

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Jalal has finally stick his nose in the family business and it was so hilarious to see him all dressed up for work. Adnan Shah Tipu bring a beautiful essence to the character which we thoroughly enjoy. Other than him, DJ continues to be an adorable witty character who is given appropriate lines to make us laugh.

Adnan Shah Tipu as Jalal

Mithu takes a stand for Meena and this creates a rift with his mother. Pari’s reaction is so hilarious as she begins crying at the fact that she has lost her son to Meena. The drama ensure that it imparts positive message to the audience and hence we see Meena reason with Mithu to apologize to his mother and comply with her wishes, even if that means leaving her. It was certainly Deja vu as Billo had won Nagina over in a similar fashion.

Mithu and Meena

This scene was certainly the highlight of the show, as Meena’s character was given depth and we saw her for more than just a pretty girl with broken Urdu. Every character’s trait in the serial is so unique that we are left in a quandary as to which one is our favorite.

With just a few episodes left in the drama we hope to see some more fun filled scenes. Also lets hope that Jiya finally gets to go to London, as this season hasn’t exactly been fair to her.

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