Last night episode revealed what we had anticipated. Unlike the speculation of the entire household, Jiya is not pregnant which means she missed her semester for no reason.

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Her reaction to this news is as anticipated, as she holds everyone accountable. Now she is busy trying to figure out a way to join even now. On the other hand Mithu and Meena’s story is developing very slowly but their chemistry is adorable. Of course it is Mithu we are talking about so Meena has no clue as yet that he likes her.

Shahana has been given the best dialogues and we look forward to seeing her in the episode.Her expressions and tone is so on point. Naima is also adding good flavor to recent episodes as well.

The property dispute is still in place. Pari and her friendship has turned into a row over the property issue that she has given wind to. Jalal on the other hand is hilarious with his Pathan accent. His attempts to insert himself in business matters is very entertaining.

The best scene from the episode was when all the women gather in Bee Jan’s room, where Jiya holds court and blames them for missing her university.

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Overall, the story didn’t see much progression but at least they didn’t prolong the pregnant false alarm. The drama tends to resolve issues in a few episode without dragging it much. This is the essence of the drama that keeps it entertaining.

Even the family drama is depicted in such a light comical way that we do not feel the intensity of it and enjoy it as well. The actor’s performances add soul into the well written script without whom, the drama would not have been what it is.


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