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Last night’s episode continued the speculation that Jiya is pregnant and as a result she is told not to go to London. Following Meena’s wedding slip to relatives back in Peshawar, Jalal is freaking out. His father has disowned him and he has lost everything. This revelation lands him on a drip.

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Looks like Pari is here to stay .She has also turned out to be a forward thinker and has started plotting to get Meena married to Mitho. For that she manages to get the family to allow Meena to stay at the house instead of the hostel.

Arjumand Rahim as Pari in Suno Chanda 2

This episode was not that funny and we do miss the characters that have left. However there were small gestures and moment that were funny and cute. Like when everyone is about to sit but Bi Jan keeps standing up so they do the same. Or when Arsal and DJ are dancing outside Bi Jaan’s room.

In this episode Naima particularly gave an entertaining performance, when she gets furious at the fact that Jiya went to Huma’s house on Rickshaw without telling anyone. The way she scolds Jiya when she gets back, her expressions were really good.

Farah Shah, Farhan Saeed, Sohail Ikram

Pari’s suggestion of dividing property has caused a rift between her and Shahana,who was her only well wisher in the house. This episode laid basis for the conflict that may begin as Bi Jaan refuses to give share in property. Jiya’s news is yet to be confirmed, and it would be so hilarious if it turns out to be false.

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The pace of story development has gotten very slow, however the energy level of all characters remains the same. On the whole Suno Chanda 2 continues to be a show that is entertaining and relaxing to watch at the end of the day with family.


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