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We are midway Ramazan that means Suno Chanda 2 is halfway through as well. Last night’s episode was very eventful and sadly we also bid farewell to some characters.

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Since the weddings are over it is time that the guests left. Nagina and family were the first ones to go followed by Kinza and Sherry. We will miss the constant bickering between Pari and Joji, however Pari and Nagina did manage to put their grievances aside as they left. We look forward to hopefully seeing them again, also we are interested to know if there will be more new arrivals.

Nagina, Billo and Joji in Suno Chanda 2

While Arsal and Jiya’s fate hangs in the balance, Jalal is fretting over his father finding out about the wedding. His reaction was epic and the freak out was extremely funny. Adnan Shah Tipu stole the limelight in this episode with his comical acting. His Pathan touch and dialogue delivery is on par. He is adorable as a father sad to see his daughter go as well.

Jalal and Billo in Suno Chanda 2

Besides this Jiya falls ill and upon the suggestion of Pari, Shahana concludes that Jiya is pregnant. She is over the moon with the speculation and so is Arsal. All of a sudden his ignorance turns into care and it seems rather selfish.

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The drama’s narrative did pick up pace after a few slow episodes. One thing that we look forward to is Mithu and Meena’s story to develop. Mithu and DJ’s bond is very sweet as well, with some really cute scenes like when Mithu givses DJ a piggy bag ride.

DJ & Mithu in Suno Chanda 2

The flow of the episode is back and we are intrigued to see what new plot line the drama will explore. Also this episode piqued our curiosity as to whether Jiya is in fact pregnant or it is false news. We have already bid farewell to a few characters will Arsal be bididing farewell to Jiya as well?


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