suno chanda 2 arsal and jiya

Last night’s episode was more intense than funny. Arsal and Jiya’s conflict has taken a serious turn and Arsal is angry with her for wanting to go even without him. DJ being Jiya’s brother doesn’t like the way she is being treated. So he tells on Arsal to his parents which further worsens the matter.

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Joji and Jalal’s fight leads to a family meeting and it turns out that it was in fact DJ who messaged Billo from Jalal’s phone. They make up on the Walima. Arsal continues to get back at Jiya by spending time with Meena.

As the wedding has ended the guest will be leaving soon. Joji and family seem to be the first one to go. Pari on the other hand has other plans and wants to stay.

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This fight was the primary focus of the episode and overall the the story did not develop much. A lot of time was spent on the Walima which could have been wrapped up quickly. There was hardly anything new that happened.

The dramas started off very well and there was lot going on in the episodes. In the previous few episodes the story has seen no progression and even lacked those small moments that kept us engaged other wise.The story needs diversity as the performances solely cannot hold the fort for long.


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