10th March Sunday 2019 dramas: Anaa VS Rome Weds Heer

This week on Romeo Weds Heer, the wedding finally happens but with a twist! In Anaa, on the other hand, Daneen’s personality clashes with the beliefs and traditions of Areesh’s family; will Areesh be able to put aside his family for the sake of Daneen? And most importantly, between these two dramas which comes out at the top as the best? Read on to find out more!

Romeo Weds Heer (Geo Tv) 7th Sky Entertainment

While Romeo manages to escape from Furyaal, Heer comes to find him and takes him back to the wedding hall. Even though everyone had left at that point, Heer makes all the guests return and the wedding finally happens after so many delays.

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But when Romeo and Heer come home, Romeo finds Furyaal had snuck into his house and was in his bedroom, and now he has to hide her from Heer! After a lot of planning and plotting, Romeo finally manages to push Furyaal out of his house but the ending showed that Furyaal had done something that would play a significant role in the next episode.

The wedding arc was dragged unnecessarily and now that it’s over, it seems Furyaal’s storyline is playing a more important role, which again seems redundant and uninteresting. However, this episode was certainly funnier and better produced than the others and had certain parts that genuinely made us laugh.

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Anaa (Hum Tv) MD Productions

It seems that Nazia and her family are here to stay and Daneen has their backs! But this stand that Daneen is taking does not bode well for her relationship with Areesh. After Ghazanfar’s ultimatum to Daneen that either she leaves her family for Areesh or break her marriage, Daneen stubbornly assumes Areesh would back her up no matter what. But this backfires when Areesh prioritizes his family over Daneen and begins to have doubts about Daneen herself and her childish behavior.

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After some pressure from his family, Areesh finally caves and proves he’s weak when he agrees to marry Aania instead of Daneen. As Aania has a soft heart, she calls Daneen to confirm if she’s okay with this decision. Daneen puts on a brave face and says she doesn’t care, but later in front of Izza loses all control and rages against Areesh.

Later when Izza and Daneen run into Areesh and Altamash, Daneen’s true feelings of betrayal and lose become apparent when she unloads all her feelings on Areesh in anger. Another huge revelation we have is about Aania’s character and Altamash’s reason for being so overprotective about her; seemingly, when she was young, Aania was treated badly by people who used to take care of her and Altamash was unable to protect her since he was away on a job.

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This was perhaps a very good way of not just developing Aania and Altamash as characters but their close-knit relationship as well and Altamash’s sullen exterior now finally has a reason behind it. I feel like Anaa has really good writing even though the genre is typical, but the way the characters have been written has made it so distinct and wonderful.


Our winner of the day is Romeo Weds Heer as per EPK experts. The drama surely is pretty popular and bemusing. Both dramas are pretty different and are doing pretty well but my personal recommendation would be Anaa, which I’m sure you would love! Hania Amir is so natural as Daneen and her outspoken yet naive character really stands out. Do give both these dramas a try!

What did you think of Sunday dramas? Let me know in the comments!

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