Last night we bid farewell to one of the best comedy serial television has offered in recent times. Suno Chanda 2 ended on a good note on the first day of Eid. While we are sad to see it go, the ending was very satisfying.

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Throughout the season Arsal and Jiya wrapped themselves in conflict after conflict. There seemed to be no end to it, while their small gimmicks were always fun, this season turned up the intensity of their fights that had us worried.

Iqra Aziz and Farhan Saeed in Suno Chanda 2

The last episode addressed their issues once and for all. The sequence in which Jiya confronts Arsal and says it all was extremely satisfying and a long time coming. While Shahana has been loved for her spicy attitude and fun filled Punjabi jibes throughout the season, she stood out as a wonderful mother in law as well. Jiya and Shahna’s interactions were adorable throughout, but for me the last episode was the ultimate best.

Iqra Aziz, Nadia Afghan and Farhan Saeed

The scene in which she advises Jiya to talk to Arsal in way that he would understand was so heartening. Her way of explaining reflected wisdom. This scene was the second best scene of the episode.

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It was also nice to see all the characters back in the last episode. Nagina and family along with the young couple i.e. Kinza and Sherry all came back for Mithu and Maina’s Nikkah. It was great to see them all as they were missed when they left.

Raza Talish and Sabeen Farooq

The best part was the way they concluded Arsal and Jiya’s story. That was the highlight of the entire episode. While the solution was something that had already come up midway through the season, we had forgotten about it. We were almost convinced that Jiya will end up not going, however it turned out to be the other way around. The last episode reminded us why they are in fact our favorite couple from the serial.

Iqra and Farhan

While we had already been introduced to most of the characters in the first season, and they had also developed, the characters remained consistent in the second season as well. The narrative was written along similar lines allowing the actors to pick up where they left off. Also the new additions gelled into the story and setting very nicely.

Besides this another thing that is commendable about the drama is the fact that it utilized all its characters fully and in almost every episode they were all involved. Although there were numerous characters, the drama managed to maintain a healthy balance. They were not cluttered or forced into a scene.

The director Aehsun Talish took Saima Akram’s story and translated it into a wonderfully executed comedy which maintained a nice flow and stayed crisp as well as entertaining. The performance of every actor was on par. Every actor brought in their own flavor and variety as per the requirement of their role. It is very hard to pick just once favorite but on the whole Shahana, Pari and Jalal majorly had the best performances.

Arjumand Rahim and Nadia Afghan

This season also got a new couple that we didn’t know the drama needed. Although Mithu was the most endearing character of the play, he managed to get the love of his life, and in a rather smart way. Maina and Mithu added sweetness to the drama and we thoroughly enjoyed their presence individually and as a couple as well. Sherry and Kinza on the other hand were dearly missed, as their presence in this season was scarce.

Arsal and Jiya share a great chemistry and it was rather sad to see them fight most of the time. However their ending was very sweet and satisfying.The drama has ended and we will surely be binge watching it again as we will miss these characters. Here is to hoping that we get season 3 next year.

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