Suno Chanda 2

Last night’s episode revealed the truth about Jiya’s lunch, it wouldn’t have gone on for that long any way. These two don’t seem to be able to work past their differences. Now it seems that their fight have become serious. Jiya has put her foot down and given Arsal one month to think things through.

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The best scene of the episode was when Mithu climbs up the tree to hide from Jalal Phupha and then jumps down. Jalal doesn’t see him and gets scared thinking some sort of Jinn attacked him. That scene was absolutely hilarious and it led to Jalal’s many hilarious scenes throughout the episode. His freak out kept the episode crisp and entertaining.

Arsal continues being mean to Jiya, the brothers finally decide to give Masooma her share. Shahana keep taking a jibe at Masooma and all those supporting her. Her character continues to entertain us with her wit and sharp comments.

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Pari finally gets to the point with Jalal about Meena and Mithu. Whatever Jalal says upsets Mithu. The scene where he is standing outside the room and goes away crying is very heart breaking. However going by Pari’s reputation she will most likely convince Jalal for this marriage.

Meena has become an important character of the drama and we love seeing her in every episode. They way she talks is fun and adorable at the same time.

Special mention to the creators for bringing all these character together or separately in every episode without making the scenes chaotic. The scenes flow naturally. We have grown to love each and every character, not just Arsal and Jiya.

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Over all there is never a dull moment in this one! Suno Chanda 2 keeps us entertained for a full one hour and we look forward to hearing and seeing what happens next. As the drama nears it end we are sad to see it go, but look forward to seeing what is yet to come in the remaining episodes.

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