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Strings’ Album 30 celebrates the band’s 30 years of making marvelous music and composing tunes that many have grown up grooving to! The album has been digital released on the band’s YouTube channel

Every track offers something new and different vocally as well as visually. The Album has encompassed varying emotions, it is indulging, soulful, happy, energetic and romantic. As a band Strings has managed to stay relevant all these years. There is something for those 80’s  90’s fans as well as the new generation, who are probably just finding out about the band that they parents used to listen to in their youth. The album is worth listening to say the least. And if you want the full fledge Strings experience, we would suggest you to put on your headphones and watch the full playlist in one go. The music video are extremely creative with each following a different theme and message.

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We heard and loved all the singles from the album. Here is the gist of it!

The album has 8 singles starting off with Sajini which was released in March 2018. The music video along with vocals are upbeat with a quirky feel to it. Directed by Yasir Jaswal and Moazami as the DOP, the video is very creative as it transports the audience inside Kapadia’s. The lighting, visuals and the overall retro feel is entertaining.

Then the band released Urr Jaoon in April. The music video was a reunion of Strings with video director Jami Moor. The mellow vocals of Urr Jaon are sung and penned by Bilal Maqsood himself. The meaningful lyrics along with Maqsood’s soulful vocals will simply melt you heart. Jami’s vision behind the music video is to explore the on-going war between good and evil within ourselves. The single highlights the discrimination and barriers that society has established over the years which hinder us to take positive initiatives. The song encourages us to move beyond them and break free!  The audio-visual have an emotional hook with a repeat value.

Faisal Kapadia leads the vocals in “Piya Re”, with Maqsood chiming in for mostly the chorus. The romantic number’s music video is all about that initial stages of a relationship. The music video capture that budding romance and young love.

Mil Gaya, is written by Bilal Maqsood and directed by Laal Kabootar’s Kamal Khan. The melodious single takes us through the journey of a teenager who loses his way and falls into bad company. Shot in Lyari the video shows the hidden talent of the region as well as the boy finds his passion i.e. boxing. He begins training and finds his way out of the bad habits he had fallen into meanwhile his friends remain in that rut.

Hum Dono features Natasha Noorani’s vocals along with Faisal Kapadia. The song pre-dominantly has Kapadia’s heavy vocal whereas Natasha’s soft vocals can be heard in the chorus. The music video directed by Soheb Akhtar features models Sabeeka Imam and Hasnain Lehri. Hum Dono comes off a reminder to celebrate and cherish little things in life with our loved ones in the midst of our fast paced lifestyle.

hum dono

Chal Para, is directed by Mohsin Kamal the video shows the band itself having a good time. The upbeat chirpy vocals convey the much needed message of positive vibes only! Just  follow your heart and you will figure it out!

Naina featuring Sona Mohapatra is sufi kalam “Ghar Naari Ganwaari” by Hazrat Amir Khusro and traditionally sung by Qawwal Bachchoon Ka Gharaanah. We have also heard one version of this song in Asim Raza’s Ho Maan Jahan as well. Strings’ version of the poetry is mellow and slow paced giving it a whole new outlook. The additional lyrics of this rendition are by Anwar Maqsood. The music video is simple with Faisal Kapadia and Sona Mohapatra strolling the streets of as they sing. The duet’s vocals are indulging and soulful!

The latest and final single of the album is called Raat Shabnami. The song has been penned down by Anwar Maqsood and music video has been directed by Yasir Jaswal. The futuristic music video has mind-blowing visual effects as it incorporate holograms. The boys as always look classy with vocals by the duo Bilal Maqsood and Faisal Kapadia. Raat Shabnami’s music has a hip funky feel to it which would make you want to get up and dance!

Do share your thoughts on Strings album 30 in comments below!

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