star wars episode IX

Here is the news that movie fans worldwide have been looking forward to. Star Wars is easily one of the biggest film franchises in the world. Disney’s much anticipated release is expected to hit screens in December this year.

According to , the trailer of ninth episode of Star Wars will be launched in April at yearly Star Wars celebrations which will be held in Chicago from 15-19 April.

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Reports also claimed that trailer will also be attached to the Disney’s Avengers Endgame. This will be an excellent promotional strategy as this Marvel Superhero installment is the most anticipated movie of the year, it is likely to pull a large number of crowd to the cinema. This will further create buzz for Star Wars and increase excitement as fans will get a sneak peak of one of the world’s biggest films from comic universe while watching one of the biggest films of MCU.

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Last Avengers installment i.e. Avengers: Infinity War had emerged a mega blockbuster in Pakistan by collecting well over 20 crores. While Star Wars always does well in North America, it doesn’t attract that much cinema goers in Pakistan. This time around with trailer of Star Wars being attached to Endgame, it can be expected that Star Wars will get major boost. The film has recently wrapped up shoot and is scheduled to be released in December.

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