Today marks the death of Stan Lee. A legend has passed away, the man who has proved that imagination is not just a word. Imagination can be an entire universe on its own, if we delve into it. He has taught us, that in the world of science and technology, we should not let our spark be put out because creativity can do wonders!

People have been sharing their condolences on twitter.


Stan Lee was truly a creative genius. He was a comic book writer, editor, producer and a publisher.

He made us believe in super powers and gave us hope that good will always win and that the evil will always lose. Stan Lee has not only created movies for children but also kept us all entertained through his blockbuster films. His marvel superheros were truly a work of a prodigy. With his eccentric creativity, Stan Lee has made a mark in the film industry.



Spider man, Avengers, Hulk, X men, Iron man, Fantastic four and many other marvel heroes have become timeless entertainment for all ages. The movies have a huge fan following all over the world including Pakistan. These films have been doing spectacular business in Pakistan. With the release of every marvel film, our cinemas are throbbing with activity. More recently, Avengers infinity war was released and did a marvelous business.



Mahira Khan shares her condolences on the death of Stan Lee.



Rest in Peace Stan Lee!


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