The much awaited film, Zero is just a week away from its release and we are expecting it to have a mind-blowing opening. It is likely to create a massive impact on boxoffice on day 1.

Starring Shah Rukh Khan in lead, the film is going to be released by Eveready Pictures in Pakistan. Film is set to release over Christmas week in Pakistan. Shahrukh Khan’s recent releases may have not fared too well on boxoffice but the charismatic pull of the superstar always manages to bring people out on day 1. Therefore his films usually take a spectacular start.

Before the release of Zero, let’s go down the memory lane and review the SRk’s releases in Pakistan. The heartthrob seems to have a bonding with Christmas in Pakistan. His film Don 2 saw release on Christmas and this film broke all records of Hindi films back in 2011.

The film collected a whooping 7.25 cr approx six years back and became the¬†highest grossing film of all time in Pakistan for Hindi films. Film was miles ahead of other films released in 2011, for example it raked in more than the double of Ra One’s numbers which saw release in the same year.

The numbers of Don 2 might not look big today but seven years back it was truly a massive number.

Even today very few Indian films have done more business than Don 2. Films of stars like Akshay Kumar have failed to hit this mark so far. Moving on, second Shah Rukh Khan film to release on Christmas in Pakistan was Dilwale. This film might not have outperformed in India but it was a huge hit in Pakistan.

Dilwale broke opening day records for Hindi films despite having a clash with Bajirao Mastani back in 2015 and it also went on to collect over 20cr approx which is still the highest grossing film of Shah Rukh Khan in Pakistan.

With having hundred percent success rate over Christmas, we are hoping that Shah Rukh Khan will again rewrite boxoffice history in Pakistan with Zero.

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