spiderman far from home

Spider Man Far from Home trailer is out and we are curious!

The trailer has pushed us further to speculate about what 

will happen to our superheroes after Thanos snap?

Marvel finally released the trailer of Spider Man far from home. The trailer itself is very light, and not much intense. It seems that the focus of the audience is still towards Endgame instead of getting excited about the Spider Man movie specifically.

Peter Parker goes on vacation with his friends hoping to have a great time and take a break from Spider Man duties. However shortly after his vacation begins duty calls in form of Nick Fury!

In the first movie we saw that Tony Stark was Peter’s mentor, and he showed him the ropes. In this movie Nick has come to seek his help.

More importantly Nick Fury died in Avengers Infinity war, so does that mean he will survive?We saw him in Captain Marvel’s trailer but that is based a long time before Infinity war. This movie however is expected to happen after Endgame!

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The film is slated to release on 5 July 2019, after Avengers Endgame. Spider Man also died in Infinity war, so that means that he will survive Thanos snap as well?

Also we didn’t see Tony Stark in the trailer either. So if the movie happens after Endgame does that mean Iron Man will die as well?

Besides Tom Holland and Samuael L Jackson, we will see Zendeya as MJ, Marisa Tomei as Aunt May and Jon Favreau as Harold “Happy” Hogan in the movie.

Jake Gyllenhaal (Mysterio) made a grand entrance in the trailer to fend off elemental monster rising from the water. We know that Mysterio is the villain so what is he really doing? Is he pulling this facade to fool people and look cool?

The trailer has either given spoilers or confused the fans. Either way one thing is for sure that it will definitely give wind to the on going fan theories about Endgame.

Do you have any? We would love to hear some! Till then check out the trailer here.

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