Calling all Spider man fans! We are holding a contest to hand out Spider man Goodies! These include an Exclusive Spider man into the spider-verse book worth $40! Straight from Marvel studios!!

From the creative minds of The Lego movie and 21 Jump Street comes this magical book! The book unmasks the artistry behind this hotly anticipated movie! It contains sketches, concept art and storyboards. Venture into the world of Spider Verse. The book will take readers into the universe where more than one wears the mask!!

We also have in store several Spider Man Bags! note books, mobile Covers, key rings, stickers and so much more! See below!





I am lovestruck seeing these! Are you not? Participate right now!! The contest will go on for 2 days more only! Find the link/post of the contest on our Facebook page! Ready? Get set and have Fun!



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