These days promotions of dramas matters a lot because they play an important role in grabbing the attention of the viewers. Many of the production houses are not paying attention for promoting their dramas. ‘Deedan’ is one of the most promising dramas whose promotional material is very strong and different as compare to other dramas. From poster to teaser it has created the outstanding impact; if we talk in the context of drama’s promotion.

In the History of Aplus the only drama that created the magnificent impact through its promotion was ‘Mein Marr Gayi Shaukat Ali’. Now ‘Deedan’ is the only drama who is able to grab attention of the audience through its teaser. Its poster and teaser are very much similar to film’s promotional material. In a true sense of word all the promotional material of ‘Deedan’ is giving us the feel of a film.

Artistic nature of Amin Iqbal is the brain-child behind this first-rate project; his way of direction is impeccable. Through teaser, Amin Iqbal has assured us that something big is coming soon on our TV screens. Sanam Saeed and Mohib Mirza will be appear in lead roles while Laila Zuberi and Ajab Gul will be essaying the important characters. After a long time Sanam Saeed is appearing again on TV screen; she has done the mini-series ‘Akhri Station’ this year. Same is the case with Mohib Mirza he’s also doing a drama after a long period. ‘Firaaq’ was the last drama of Mohib, that he did in 2014.

‘Mannat’ was the successful play of Amin Iqbal that aired in 2016 and now he is coming back with something different. This distinctive project has a strong social message which is a true amalgam of action and thrill. That’s why we are hopeful, that it will fulfill the expectations of the audience and will create a stirring situation in the world of entertainment.


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