The Latest trailer of X Men Dark Phoenix dropped yesterday and it has seen an impressive response on social media. This is the twelfth film of the X Men series and it is the sequel of X Men Apocalypse.

X Men Days Of Future Past erased the past events of X Men. Hence, director Simon Kinberg has now recreated the events of The Last Stand in his own style. In addition fans rejected the wrong portrayal of the dark phoenix saga in The Last Stand which might have also contributed to the film being rebooted.

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Sophie Turner portrays the character of Jean Grey in a dark avatar. The actress is currently extremely popular due to her portrayal of Sansa Stark in Game Of Thrones. The trailer of the film is gripping, laden with action and visually stunning. Sophie Tuner’s dark avatar is alluring and well portrayed.

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We saw almost all the characters of X Men in the trailer. However Sophie Turner stood out the most with her apt performance as Jean. She is also vicious and immensely powerful as we see her dissemble Magneto’s armor with just a wave of her hand. The scene between Jean and Eric was also fantastic and easily the best moment of the trailer.

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We can see Jean Grey’s growing powers and one can only wonder how will the X men be able to stop her? Film releases on Eid ul Fitr in Pakistan opposite The Legend Of Maula Jatt, Wrong No 2 and Chhalwa. Film will be distributed by Footprint in Pakistan.

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