PM Imran Khan is undoubtedly one of the most popular politicians in the history of Pakistan. He is also the only politician who has numerous songs associated with his party and they have all been social media hits!

Let’s look at some of the most memorable anthems made for PTI or PM Imran Khan which are extremely popular. One can gauge Imran Khan’s popularity and the dedication of his followers through the kind of love all his songs have received!

Banega Naya Pakistan‘ by the legendary Attaullah Khan Esakhelvi is definitely one of the most popular tracks in Pakistan. The song has a staggering views of over 14 million on YouTube. This immensely loved track has been played at all the rallies and jalsas of PTI back in 2013.

The list of memorable PTI tracks is incomplete without Abrar ul Haq’s track. The famous singer is also one of the political leaders of PTI who contests from Narowal. His fun and lively track ‘Jitna Wai Imran Khan Jitna‘ is a song which cant easily be forgotten. This track came up back in 2013 before elections and was sung by Abrar in many Jalsas.

One can also not forget the soulful and beautifully composed PTI track i.e. ‘InshAllah‘ by Salman Ahmd. This track was loved by all and it also featured late Junaid Jamshed. This song is still equally popular among all fans of PTI.

Tabdeeli Ayi Re” sung by now Governor of Sindh, Imran Ismail was an insane hit during the elections of 2018. No gathering or rally of PTI was complete without this track. This track was also used in the celebrations conducted by PTI supporters after elections. In fact, this anthem has been on everyone’s tongues! This track has a whooping views of over 4.9 millions. This powerful and impactful melody still manages to evoke the sentiments of PTI supporters. It creates junoon among the youth who voted for Imran Khan even today.

Dil Naik Ho Niyat Saaf‘ came before elections of 2013. This track is still fresh and popular. It has over 3.6 million views on YouTube and the singer Shehryar Khan did a fantastic job with the vocals.

Adyala Jail” track released back in 2017, is insanely popular on YouTube. This track has the second most highest views for a PTI song. Song has over 9.5 million views. This track got extremely popular on social media due to its catchy tune and fun lyrics.

Larho Mujhay” by Bilal Khan is one of the best composed political songs ever. Bilal Khan’s vocals are just mind blowing and the response it received at the jalsas was just stupendous. Track’s various tribute videos on YouTube are extremely popular.

Tabddeli Aa Gayi Hai Yaaro” by Asfand Yar got extremely popular at the jalsas of PTI back in 2012. Track is still fresh and loved by all fans of Imran Khan. This track has over 3 million views on YouTube.

Farhan Saeed’s “Ab Sirf Imran Khan” was the official PTI song for the general elections of 2018. This track has been beautifully sung by Farhan Saeed and on top of that, its video is extremely moving.

Playlist of PTI’s popular songs can not be complete without the Pushto track “Waya Waya“. This track is one of the most popular PTI songs. Track has over 2.1 million views. Despite being a regional track, it is being used in every jalsa of PTI and is insanely popular.

Rahat Fateh Ali’s “Chalo Chalo Imran Ke Sath” was one of the most popular PTI tracks in the election campaign of 2013. Track was extremely popular and was adored by every PTI fan. This track has over 2.4 million views on YouTube


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