Sonam Kapoor is making headlines again regarding Fawad Khan. She has never been shy of expressing how fond she is of the Pakistani heartthrob. Sonam Kapoor starred alongside Fawad Khan in Khoobsurat together in 2014. Sonam has been gushing over the handsome hunk ever since this and even before!

Here are a bunch of statements that Sonam Kapoor has previously said about Fawad Khan as reported in India Times.

“What does one say about a man who is a gorgeous and gifted with magnificent acting talent.”

“Fawad became our dinner table conversation and that’s when Rhea decided to contact him for the film and as they say, rest is history!”

“When we were looking at casting for the character Vikram, we needed someone who can look regal effortlessly.”

“Very few people know that he is a funny guy in real life. People get to see his shy and intense side more often though, which we don’t mind at all.”

“We loved working with him. He’s all heart and he’s a thorough Punju. He even speaks with a Punjabi accent. We don’t realize how similar Pakistanis are to us.”

“He has a great sense of humour. He is so respectful, warm and kind. If I love someone unconditionally, it’s Fawad. “

Fawad Khan has also told media once that Sonam and he are emotionally attached. However Sonam Kapoor cant seem to stop admiring and missing the very charming Fawad Khan.

In an interesting episode of Koffee with Karan Season 6, Sonam Kapoor talked about Fawad Khan once again. In a question thrown at her by Karan Johar in the rapid fire round, Sonam revealed that she feels she looks the best with Fawad Khan! She complained about him being sent back to Pakistan while pinning the blame on Karan Johar!

She named her “Prem Ratan dhan payo” co star Salman Khan as the second person she looks good with. However her first choice was without surprise, Fawad Khan. Looks like the diva misses him.

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