There is an ongoing debate on whether Indian films should be allowed in Pakistan or not. Pakistani film producer, Sohail Khan, has been involved in a legal battle against the release of Indian Films in Pakistan. He has been highly disappointed at India for imposing a ban on Pakistani actors and singers.

Sohail Khan has previously, partnered up with Mahesh Bhatt on the making of “Awarapan” in Pakistan. In addition, the director of his film Shor Sharaba, Hasnain Hyderabadwala, is from India. Sohail Khan has often been involved in the branding of Indian films in Pakistan. However, he now disapproves of promoting Indian films in Pakistan.

In a conversation with EPk, he told us that we Pakistanis, have always welcomed Indian films graciously. Therefore Pakistani films and producers deserve mutual respect from India. He said we could only cooperate if both the countries were willing to treat each other with equality.

As the case proceeds, more parties have been getting involved in this case. On the first hearing of this case, Ali Sibtain Fazli appeared, stating that he wanted to be part of the case, on behalf of IMGC. The next day, Ali Zafar of Mandviwalla & Zafar associates, told the court that he would be representing Mandviwalla Entertainment.

He further added, that Pakistani films suffer on the release an Indian film and often Pakistani films wait in lines for Eid to release, in order to have a good start. Therefore, he believes, in order to allow our local film industry to flourish, court should take action against Indian films.

The court’s most recent hearing took place today, on 12 November, at 9 o clock in the morning. Now, a third party has been involved in this case which is, Footprint. The next hearing for this case has been scheduled for the coming Friday, 16th November.


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