Enaaya 2019 WEB Series

Wajhat Rauf latest project is a collaboration between lead film distributor IMGC and an Indian streaming portal Eros Now, to bring forth the first ever Pakistani web series.

The series “Enaaya” was launched on 21 January, and it features household names like Mehwish Hayat, Azfar Rehman, Asad Siddiqqui, Rabab Hashim and Faryal Mehmood. The first episode is available for free on their Youtube channel while the rest are paid content available on Eros Now’s website.

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The story revolves around a group of young college students who are passionate about making music. Sohail Hashmi is also seen in the series as a college professor. We invited him over to our studio to chat about Enaaya and the web series culture.

He was of the view that web series are very important for Pakistan. The advantage of web series is that it is available worldwide for everyone to watch. So this is good exposure for the industry. It has taken Pakistani industry quite some time to step into the web series sphere, while in other countries this digital forum was introduced 4-5 years ago.

“Better late than never, I’m very happy to say that now web series have started in Pakistan”

Mehwish Hayat as Enaaya
Mehwish Hayat as Enaaya

Talking about Enaaya he mentioned that the characters are very well developed and the episodes are designed in a way that at the end of every episode you are curious to see the next one to find out what happens. The episodes have been very well shot, the camera quality and production value is very good. The work done on this project is excellent. The language used in the series is very explicit and real.

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The series has moved away from the typical Saas Bahu theme.We should have content of all genres like horror, comedy, children’s programs. So web series can present a good solution for all the missing genres.

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