In today’s day and era of Social Media and startups, the digital generation has their hands full with creative endeavors to bring forth revolutions. Social Media has opened countless doors of opportunities and possibilities and those with an appetite for change have taken the plunge.

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Social Media’s importance has long been established. It has opened up a fresh stream of revenue through e commerce, marketing, PR, content generation and other means. Among other industries, the entertainment industry of Pakistan also seems to be benefiting. Many emerging enterprises have entered into the arena of PR and content generation and are steering the entertainment industry towards acclaim and growth.

Creative opportunists are increasingly entering into the digital world of possibilities and are all set to give the veterans some healthy competition. Among the many growing brands is Galaxy Lollywood. This ‘filmi dunia’ consists of passionate film affectionados who have come together to promote and bring forth the growth of our industry. They cover news on all the latest happenings in Lollywood and much more.

Galaxy Lollywood is also currently holding the only Online Film Awards in Pakistan. They are holding their 5th Online Awards now and the voting for these awards will go on throughout the month of Ramzan. Winners will be announced after Eid and trophies will be sent to them. The categories are made by Team Galaxy themselves while the results will be derived based on 50 % audience votes and 50% Team Galaxy’s votes.

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While Galaxy Lollywood’s endeavors are truly commendable, they can improve and build the credibility of their awards by adding industry veterans on their jury. The jury on any award show worldwide consists of veterans who possess the industry’s know how. Therefore Galaxy Lollywood should also consider revising their jury.

Nevertheless, Galaxy Lollywood alongside many such brands are aptly playing their part in promoting the reviving cinema and the entertainment industry in general. Epk’s vision also aligns with their competitors and we commend everyone’s efforts made towards the benefit of the industry.

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