Ranjha Ranjha Kardi

Ranjha Ranjha Kardi has been a beautiful drama from the very beginning. Imran Ashraf, Iqra Aziz and Syed Jibran have breath life into the already very gripping script of the drama with their soulful performances. With all characteristics of the drama combined, this drama is a masterpiece.

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The last episode of the drama tugged at our heartstrings as it unfolded several shocking events. We see a new side to Bhola outside of his light and fun antics. The medicine Bhola takes finally reveal themselves to be more detrimental than helpful when Bhola is unable to control his actions.

Bhola first hits Noori and later unleashes his wrath upon her in a well-directed and commendable scene that goes on to show us that Noori is violated without her consent. Noori’s expressions themselves expose her own horror and dejection that this had happened to her at the hands of someone she had started to love.

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We also discover Nusrat’s malicious nature and find out that he is deliberately ruining Bhola with the medicine. This sudden dark turn to the story was another shocking event that stuns the audience.

I think after Sahir’s return, we have all been waiting for seeing the exact moment when Noori and Sahir will come face to face. We have been curious about how the two will react and if Sahir will finally regret his decision of abandoning Noorie.

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The promo gave us exactly that, we see Noori and Sahir meet each other in a dramatic scene, where Noori opens the door to Sahir while it rains. Their expressions depict the tornado of emotions that strikes within them. The two are in a shock.

In addition, we also find Sahir taking a keen interest in Bhola’s condition whom he will find out is Noorie’s husband. Sahir is questioning Nusrat’s intentions for Bhola and is likely to find out the whole truth. The question is will he help Noorie’s husband? Will he finally do the right thing? Or perhaps will he want Noorie back?

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