Salman Khan is the biggest superstar and a blockbuster machine of the Indian cinema. One the other hand, Game Of Thrones is the biggest Tv series of the world. Series is just one episode away from its epic conclusion.

Game Of Thrones is recognized for its high quality content. However, the last season has received massive criticism from fans and critics on social media. Few fans got angry and started a petition, pleading HBO to remake season 8.

Game Of Thrones Fans Want Whole Season 8 to be remade.

At the same time, few fans also expressed their disappointment on social media by bashing the final season comically by the use of memes. One such fan just posted a meme on social media. The meme is a comical comparison of the mad Queen Daenerys Targaryen and Salman Khan. Check the picture out below!

GOT Fans: Get Spoilers, Get Money.

After everyone’s favorite Daenerys Targaryen burned poor people alive in the last episode of GOT, fans have a hard time digesting this transition in her character. They are also making fun of the abrupt change!

Social media is flooded with comical memes right now. Starring Kit Harignton and Emilia Clarke, Game Of Thrones last episode will be aired on HBO coming Sunday.

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