Saim Sadiq’s short film was screened at the 76th Venice Film Festival where films like Joaquin Phoenix’s Joker were also premiered. The good news is that Darling has won the Orizzonti Award for Best Short Film .

Pakistani film “Darling” to be Screened at Venice Film Festival

Darling, is set in a dance theater based in Lahore . The story revolves around a young boy and a trans girl. Darling is the first ever Pakistani film to be an official selection and to screen at any of the ‘Big Three’ film festivals i.e. namely Cannes, Berlin and Venice.

The film stars upcoming actress Mehar Bano and Nadia Afghan . The main leads are Shani, played by Abdullah Malik, and Alina, played by Alina, a trans girl from Lahore who makes her acting debut with this film.

This certainly a proud moment for Pakistan as Darling is the first film to be screened at Venice Film Festival and it has come out as a winner among the other 12 shorts films that were in the same category!

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