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Shoaib Mansoor is undoubtedly one of the finest directors of Pakistan, with two mega blockbusters to his credits. Both Khuda Kay Liye and Bol have been highly acclaimed and rightly so. However, the question is this, is Shoaib Mansoor the biggest director at the box office too?

Three years ago, Nadeem Baig emerged as the biggest boxoffice director with huge margins. Nevertheless, many in the industry still acknowledge Shoaib Mansoor and consider him superior in terms of quality content but that is not what the ticket paying audience think.

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Nadeem Baig is also three films old like Shoaib Mansoor. One can not claim any one of these two directors as bigger than the other as of yet because although Nadeem Baig’s films saw more footfalls and it also saw more records but Shoaib Mansoor garnered attention at a tough time.

Shoaib Mansoor’s films earned cult statuses when there were very few cinemas and Cinema culture had almost died in Pakistan. In those times, his films not only pulled people out to Cinemas but it also gave hope to the whole fraternity! He gave out a message that good days are coming for the film industry.

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Shoiab Mansoor’s films paved the way and built the very foundation upon which the entire film industry is building upon. His films led to the revival of Pakistani cinema. It was his initiative that soon led to a new wave. In addition, he managed to bring people out, he holds the power to make people come to cinemas.

Unfortunately, the ace director’s last film Verna couldn’t do well at the boxoffice despite seeing a good opening. However, Verna’s performance has led to the whole debate upon whether or not is Shoiab Mansoor the top director of our industry?

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Well despite a little dent with Verna, Shoiab Mansoor is surely a very impactful and powerful film maker. The director is definitely anticipated to return with bang.

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