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Sherdil trailer has dropped and it surely didn’t disappoint!

Unlike the teaser that pretty much revolved around Mikaal and Hassan Niazi, we get see more characters from the film. The trailer starts off with emotional and powerful dialogues delivered by Samina Ahmed as she presses on the importance of commitment and difficultly in fulfilling the duty that he is about to take on!

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Although the teaser was based in 1965, the trailer reflects the present time. The trailer is rather modern, suggesting that the teaser was more of a flashback.

We caught a glimpse of leading lady Armeena Khan as well. She as always looks absolutely gorgeous. However not much about her character could be gauged from the trailer expect that she will be Haris’s love interest.

Once again Mikaal and his rivalry with Hassan Niazi was the main focus throughout the trailer. Their first encounter is at the Top Flying Wing Exercise, in UAE.

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Later we catch the two in action when Mikaal is commissioned to fight from Pakistan’s end to put a potential threat, and he manages to succeed. The movie highlights patriotism and world class combat skills of our air force, when it comes to country’s defense.

Special mention to Azfar Jafri as the air combat sequences have been beautifully shot amongst the beautiful mountain and forest landscape.

The film also offers dance numbers,romantic songs and some light , moments in form of Belal Shahid’s character, along with the main narrative, i.e. Haris’s journey as a fighter pilot.

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The visual effects of the movie are pretty impressive and will certainly be fun to watch on big screen. The dog chase sequence is extremely exciting and a major draw for audience to go watch it on the big screen.

All in all definitely an exciting addition to our watch list!

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