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Sherdil has been in cinemas for two weeks now, and has come out as the strongest Pakistani release of the year so far. The film has closed its second week with decent numbers.

Sherdil Movie Review

The complete break down of approximate box office collection is:

Week One.. 6.05 crores

Week 2.. 2.65 Crores (estimated)

Total..8.7 crore

SherDil Box Office Collection :Going Steady

Sherdil Poster

The fall in the week’s collection is 56% which is actually a normal fall. Films usually do witness fall in second week. What is essential is that it sustains a good hold during the third weekend .

Project Ghazi Week One Boxoffice Collection

With competition with Hollywood films like Shazam and Captain Marvel, it will be difficult but doable as well. It will be interesting to see how the movie fares.


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