The patriotic film Sherdil releases on 22nd March, on the occasion of Pakistan Day. While the film’s content is fitting to the occasion and is hear to stir our nationalist sentiments, it also has romance and a compelling storyline.

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While talking about the film, the protagonist of the film, the dapper Mikaal Zulfikaar told Epk what differentiates his film from other nationalist films. He also shared two very important messages for Bollywood and India!

He said, “Sherdil’s strongest point is how it has tactfully dealt with India and Pakistan’s topic. We normally see so much hatred being spewed in films on this topic.”

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“I have two messages for Bollywood” He added

“Firstly, you do not have to use swear words for others, it is not necessary to use bad language for others or portray other countries negatively. While Sherdil will provoke them, it will also surprise them about how we tackled the topic of Indo-Pak relations and the two nation theory with respect and honor.”

He revealed his second message with a smirk.

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“My second message to India is on behalf of the Pak Air Force that we are and we will always remain, we are not going anywhere therefore it is time they accept this fact. We are not aggressors but we both have the right to and know how to defend ourselves therefore Do not mess with us!”

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