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SherDil has put the boxoffice on fire over the Pakistan Day Weekend. Film has registered the biggest Opening Weekend of 2019, beating Ranveer Singh’s Gully Boy with a big lead.

Laal Kabootar Opening Weekend Business In Pakistan

What’s most astounding is that SherDil has beaten an established film like Gully Boy which had a huge star cast. With a ban on Indian content, cinemas were previously going through a major crisis as there were no new releases in Cinemas. Disney’s Captain Marvel could also not see release in Pakistan. However, SherDil has pushed the footfalls at cinemas and has taken a fantastic start.


Gully Boy was a Valentines Day release which hit the theaters on a Thursday in contrast SherDil released on a Friday. Gully Boy had collected 3.6 crores approx in its opening three days whereas SherDil has taken a significant lead by grossing over 4cr in its opening Weekend.

Horror Thriller Us Opening Weekend Business In Pakistan.

Below is the daily business comparison of Gully Boy and SherDil.

Day One:-
Gully Boy.. 85lacs
SherDil.. 1.15cr

Day Two:-
Gully Boy.. 1.25cr
SherDil.. 1.7cr

Day Three:-
Gully Boy.. 1.5cr
SherDil.. 1.3cr

Gully Boy.. 3.6cr
SherDil.. 4.15cr

Gully Boy

Gully Boy had collected 9.5 crores approx before it was taken down from cinemas due to a temporary ban on Indian films. SherDil can definitely beat that if it holds well over the Weekdays.


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