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SherDil has seen monstrous numbers in Rwp/Isl. Weekend has closed around 81lacs approx in the twin cities and this is an insane number for a film considering how cinemas had previously been largely empty and there was a limited number of footfall there.

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Despite the fact that cinemas were going through a crisis, not only did SherDil bring the audience back, it also has beaten mega Hits such as Simmba by a huge margin in Rwp/Isl.

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Simmba had collected a little over 66.5lacs approx over the Weekend and SherDil has beaten that number by a margin of around 15lacs which is phenomenal.

Below are daily approximate numbers of both the films in Rwp/Isl for first three days.

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SherDil.. 23.75lacs
Simmba.. 19.9lacs

SherDil.. 33.75lacs
Simmba.. 24.7lacs

SherDil.. 23.5lacs
Simmba.. 22lacs

SherDil.. 81lacs
Simmba.. 66.6lacs

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Simmba had done a business of little under 4cr approx in the twin cities. SherDil has opened to a much better response compared to the Super Hit Simmba and now film will need to maintain this momentum in coming days.

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