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Pakistani films have been releasing in the overseas market every now and then. The films may not always perform as good as they tend to do so in their local market, but considering that our films are getting exposure overseas, this is good for the industry.

Teefa in Trouble among other films, yet to recover payment from Exhibitors

Recently SherDil was released overseas and the film has closed its first week with relatively low numbers. Last year Mahira Khan starrer 7 Din Mohabbat In was released abroad, lets have a look at the overseas collections of both the films.

SherDil.. 42.5 lacs
7 Din Mohabbat In.. 75lacs

North America:-
SherDil.. 24 lacs
7 Din Mohabbat In.. 40lacs

SherDil.. 41.5 lacs
7 Din Mohabbat In.. 43lacs

SherDil.. Didn’t Release
7 Din Mohabbat In.. 2lacs

SherDil.. 1.08 crore
7 Din Mohabbat In.. 1.6cr

SherDil Week One Overseas Boxoffice Collection

Sherdil’s numbers are less, but considering that the film was low on buzz and didn’t have much face value abroad, the collection is decent.

On the other hand Mahira Khan starrer was an Eid release which garners a lot of footfall. Especially in UAE Eid always attracts a lot of audiences to cinemas. Sherdil on the other hand is a non holiday release. Even then, it has done business on similar grounds in some countries as 7 Din Mohabbat In which is truly commendable.

7 Din Mohabbat In stars Mahira Khan who is immensely popular abroad. Therefore this factor was a major draw for audiences. Had the film not starred Mahira Khan, the film would have done less than it did. Considering this SherDil has actually done better than & Din Mohabbat In.

Although overall this film’s collection is more than SherDil the box office collection of both the films are below average.


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