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SherDil has been performing remarkably well in Rwp/Isl. It saw a pick of 65% on Saturday from Friday. The film witnessed a normal drop on Sunday, while garnering a decent business.

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SherDil has become the highest grossing film of the year in the twin cities. The action film raked in approx 12 lacs on Sunday from Rwp/Isl. The film’s total has now become 1.57 Cr. SherDil has taken a huge leap and has set new records in Rwp/Isl, leaving behind the rest of the films with big margins in Rwp/Isl.

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Below is SherDil’s approximate breakdown in Rwp/Isl till now.

Week One.. 1.17 crores
2nd Friday.. 10.75 lacs
2nd Saturday.. 17.85 lacs

2nd Sunday.. 12 lacs
Total.. 1.57 crores

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The Mikaal Zulfiqar and Armeena Khan starrer has held on very well. The film’s 2nd Weekend has raked in 40.6 lacs which is praiseworthy. The film has been outperforming from the very beginning.


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