Even though Marvel’s recent biggie Captain Marvel couldn’t release in Pakistan but we have some good news for those with a taste for superhero films in Pakistan. DC’s Shazam is confirmed for release in Pakistan.

Shocking: Here Is Why Captain Marvel Didn’t Release In Pakistan

DC’s Shazam is expected to take a start of around 40-50m $ at the boxoffice in North American next month. Film will be hitting the screens across Pakistan on 5th April and it will be released by HKC Entertainment in Pakistan.

Recent DC movies were also released by HKC. Shazam is not a popular superhero film in Pakistani market but looking at the current situation of the cinema, this film will definitely see a decent start at the boxoffice.

Did You Know: Shazam Reminds Us Of Deadpool and Spiderman!

Since the ban on Indian content, there has been a weak release flow at cinemas which will give Shazam a good number of shows at multiplexes.


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