Trailer of DC’s Shazam! released recently. The fun and comedy laden super hero flick seemed to be a compelling treat.

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After its advanced screening, the film has emerged with 95% Rotten Tomatoes while 53 are Fresh and only 3 are Rotten. Early reviews are building Shazam’s positive word of mouth and surely our excitement.

Shazam! has surpassed DC’s Wonder Woman which received 93% rotten tomatoes and has become the best DCEU movie, while even beating Christopher Nolan‘s highly adored Batman The Dark Knight. Dark Knight had 94% rotten tomatoes.

With such positive reviews, the kids friendly Dc adventure is anticipated to open big in America. The film has also garnered a lot of love and positive reviews from all around!

Matt Maytum from GamesRadar said “There’s a wide-eyed sense of fun that runs through the entirety of Shazam!. Even as the stakes begin to elevate, director David F. Sandberg makes sure that the humour never gets lost in the mix, and the scale remains manageable.

The Guardian said, “Buoyant and unpretentious, Shazam! aims low and mostly succeeds, a kid-friendly caper powered with enough energy to keep its target audience engaged with a fun central conceit that plays like a cross between Big and Superman. Levi, whose work has mostly graced the small screen from Chuck to the most recent season of The Marvelous Mrs Maisel, has a puppyish charm, launching himself into the role with total abandon.”


Digital Spy termed it DC’s funniest and slickest movie. “While not as much of a landmark as Wonder Woman, Shazam! feels more complete than any of its post-Man of Steel predecessors. It presents a singular vision rather than the Frankenstein’s monster of Justice League, the chaos of Aquaman or Wonder Woman and Batman v Superman, which were laden with lumpen CGI villains.”

Empire said, “Ironically, this feels more like a Disney movie — in their mild-mannered superheroics phase, represented by the Flubber and Herbie films — than any of the Marvel comic book films released by Disney, with a clutch of appealing foster siblings (Faithe Herman is a standout) set to team with Billy in pretty much inevitable future adventures.”

Shazam! is all set to release on April 5, 2019 worldwide. It has also been confirmed for release in Pakistan. Film will be released by HKC Entertainment in Pakistan.

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