Cheekh’s next promo looks highly intriguing where both the parties have declared War. While Wajih was always a vicious and ill minded psychopath who was bound to attack, we now see the other party reacting.

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Shayan, a character essayed by Emmad Irfani, is suddenly gaining utmost popularity and garnering love for his profound and just being. Emaad Irfani’s performance is brilliant as Shayan who comes across as mature, composed and kind. Shayan has now come into the battlefield.

Emmad Irfani & Saba Qamar

The heroic character gives a befitting reply to Wajih in this promo as he tells him, that if you have entered the battlefield, at least attack from the front!

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Shayan’s brave and just heart definitely compliments Mannat’s character. The duo possesses utmost strength, bravery and righteousness. Shayan in particular has become everyone’s favorite as he has broken many stereotypes by siding with his wife. In addition, we love their chemistry together.

Emmad Irfani & Saba Qamar

We are especially enticed with this promo and cant wait to watch Cheekh tonight because of how much suspense and intrigue Cheekh is building up. We see Shayan furious at Wajih because he has sent men to scare Mannat off. It appears Wajih has already started his vile attacks on Mannat and now it will be Shayan and Mannat’s turn to fight back.

We also know Wajih is an insensitive character who can go to any lengths which is something that makes us worry for our favorite couple. We know that Shayan and Mannat’s journey is not going to be an easy one.

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The eldest brother Yawar who is blatantly siding with Wajih, seems hurt now as he does not mean ill for either of his brothers. We know see him hurting as he blames Wajih for everything that has unfolded in the promo. It will be interesting to see if this character redeems in the future or not.



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