There are always some scenes in a drama which stand out and appeal to us emotionally. Scenes which not only steal the entire show away but they also shake you. Such power packed scenes stir our emotions through their dialogues and visuals. This episode of Cheekh, gave us one such powerful scene which we are going to talk about. That one scene stole the show in the latest episode of Cheekh.

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Ever since Wajih (Bilal Abbas Khan) confessed his crime in episode 6, we were wondering who will challenge him and somehow knew that it will be Mannat (Saba Qamar) who will bring him to justice. It took her sometime to overcome her fears and finally tell Wajih that she will avenge Nayab’s murder. That was one of our favorite moments!

However there has been another shocking moments in Cheekh recently now which has amazed and shocked us but in a good way. Shayan (Emaad Irfani) who has been winning our hearts lately not only due to his superb acting skills but also because of how deep, composed and just the character Shayan is. He gave us one of the most beautiful moments in Cheekh.

That moment took us all by surprise as no one saw it coming. The drama has been beautifully directed by Badar Mehmood who did fantastic work with the whole scene and bravo to him for keeping us on our toes throughout the episode.

The scene where Shayan slapped Wajih was astonishing. While we expected him to side his brother, not only did he side his wife, he also slapped his brother.

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He delivered compelling dialogues alongside a befitting performance! Emaad as Shayyan outdid himself and completely stole the thunder of the episode. Shayan maintains a graceful and composed countenance while batting his disturbed thoughts. We immediately fell in love with his performance.

This slap was long due. However the slap does not affect Wajiha as he remains staunch in his vile attitude. Although he is shocked, as he is not used to losing, but he is not sorry.

One also feels that Yawar (Aijaz Aslam) is wrong for showering undue love on Wajih and spoiling him. One further wonders why Yawar is still supporting him after knowing that he is a culprit.

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However, Emaad Irfani as Shayan has become our favorite character on TV now and we hope to see more characters like his to set a precedent for our society.

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