Excitement grows as the release of 3 Bahadur 3 the rise of warriors, approaches. The film is the only animated series in Pakistan and has become a personal favorite of children.

Sharmeen Obaid, the creative director of this film said that there are two warrior queens in this movie. Nimra Bucha who has voiced the character of Babushka said there was a dire need of women being portrayed in better roles on screen whether they are in animated films or others. She said that children needed to see women as role models on their screens. Her character is a female warrior. Similarly, Mehwish Hayat has given the voiceover for Erma. Erma is also a female warrior. Mehwish Hayat said that Erma is strong, fearless and fierce!


Sharmeen Obaid and Mehwish Hayat


Looks like this movie is all set to teach children how to be brave and fierce. In addition, it has highlighted the need of giving better roles to women. Women and girls too, can be brave and strong.



Fahim Khan who voiced the animal character, namely Ghoncho said that this character is crafted so well that it was fun doing it. The film also has voice overs by Fahad Mustafa, Sarwat Gillani and Behroze Sabzwari.

This film is the final part in the trilogy of 3 bahadur. It begins with Saadi, Amna, and Kamil struggling in their attempt to lead their lives as ordinary eleven year olds and at the same time languishing as they itch for an outlet for their superpowers.

This part introduces us to a new character, Erma, an enchanting acrobat who awes the three with her performance. Meanwhile, fresh out of prison, Tony and his henchmen lure Saadi, Amna, and Kamil into a trap and imprison the three. Their new friend Erma comes to the rescue and they learn that she is powerful warrior from the hidden world of Poshinia!

This final installment is a story of truth seeking and self discovery. How do we choose what to believe? Who do we trust when push comes to shove? And what makes a real Bahadur? Let your Bahadurs watch this movie to find out!

The film has been produced by Waadi Animations in association with ARY Films. The film is all set to release on 14th December.




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